Monthly Archives: October 2011

Giveaway: Get Healthy Convenience with Amy’s!

Happy Halloween! I visited a pumpkin patch last year but haven't made it there so far this year :(. They're so fun! I need to know what you all did for Halloween (or what you're doing). And, of course, what you were. I am terrible and completely uncreative when it comes to costumes, so was…
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Pretty in Pink

Source Yes, that was a great movie. BUT I'm actually talking about all of the delightful pink goodies that take over the marketplace once October hits. I always find that people are really gung-ho about Breast Cancer Month at the beginning of October and then the energy kind of peters out by the end of…
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Packed Pumpkin Porridge

Well, we all call it oatmeal on this side of the world but I like alliteration! This oatmeal really is packed though...packed with vitamins. You get vitamin A from the pumpkin, vitamin B from the oats and wheat germ and vitamin D from the milk. And I get lots of *vitamin happy* from the chocolate…
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