A 2017 Update :)

Hi! Seeing as the last blog post, "An Update", was dated 2013, we thought it was time for a new one.

My last website,, was hacked in early 2017 and the content was lost. I had back-ups of my old blog, The Guiltless Life, with recipes and fashion posts and the like, but they end as of 2013. I imported them to for the sake of historical archives but please don't judge based on the photos! They are poor in quality and represent my first foray into blogging. Fun to look back on but not to take too seriously!

I'm sad to have lost out on the last four years of recipes and good times but those that I recall and still use frequently and have images for I will get around to reposting. I now have a new category to add to the blog, Wander, which covers our travels. To celebrate the launch of, I'll be reviving the blog with our travel diary covering Amsterdam, where we visited at the end of June 2017.

So hopefully that explains the four-year blogging gap and I hope that you enjoy the content we have prepared for you! It's a lot more visually appealing, thanks to Noel-John's skills, and hopefully informative and helpful. Please use the contact form or engage on social media to let me know any feedback on the content you'd like to see. Enjoy!

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