Monthly Archives: August 2013

Quiet Your Inner Mean Girl to Achieve Inner Peace

A few weeks ago I was getting some work done in a Starbucks and I was constantly distracted by a particularly loud group of three women catching up over coffee…or so I thought. My first response was, Oh, that’s nice, they’re having a major catch-up session because they were literally so loud (they were on…
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What Your TV Habits May Reveal About Your Life

One of the first things I do with my clients when we start working together is work on finding out what their fun is. Everyone has a different idea of what they find fun. Sometimes the things you do in your leisure time are things you do because you think they should be fun, but…
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It Is About How and Why You Eat…But What You Eat Matters, Too

I spend a lot of time with my coaching clients talking about why we eat, how we eat, what’s going on when we’re eating. This is important – no, it’s necessary - when looking into emotional eating habits and how to change them. But sometimes it can get confusing, and I have been asked on…
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