December 2012

This Christmas I didn't take many photos, so forgive me! Above is the wonderful fire at our place in Calgary. Unfortunately, Christmas got off to a bit of a bum start as we had issues with our landlords (including no oven for 4 days, no heating for 4 days etc) that led to us having to leave the property very quickly. So I joined my family, staying at my sister's place over Christmas and am still dealing with the landlord issues now. So bye-bye fire!

This is my favourite flavour of soup. Whenever it's the soup of the day in a restaurant, I have to order it. I must have had hundreds of different varieties of tomato soup at various restaurants! But my favourite is a tomato bisque - or a cream of tomato soup. Growing up, we got Heinz cream of tomato soup all the time (Cayman brings in a lot of British products). It was my ultimate comfort food. Unfortunately, store-bought tomato soups are often loaded with sugar, to offset the bitterness of the tomatoes. And cream gets soups heavy fast. So, for a long time I have wanted to get around to making a tomato bisque myself at home.

Hi all! How's the Advent season going so far? The roomies and I bought and decorated our tree on Saturday as we had a housewarming/Advent party that night - it was a great success and went into the weeeee hours of the morning. To say I am tired as I write this is an understatement (it's Sunday evening now). Anyway, to assist my tiredness let's get right to the point, otherwise I fear I'll stop making sense. To those of you who have been participating in the Healthy Breakfast Challenge thus far - good for you! How's it going? As Christmas party season heats up, is a fulfilling, nutritious breakfast keeping you going and on track throughout your days?