July 2012

Something a bit different for Thursday Thoughts today... Rather than a bunch of random thoughts thrown at you (!), I thought I'd respond to some reader requests. A few of you pointed out that I have never actually done a post on my intolerance of sugar after I mentioned it again in this post. Doh. I refer to it so often in passing that I felt like I had, but looking through my archives I don't have any posts written specifically about that. I know I've gone into it in more detail in guest posts I've written for other bloggers, but nothing actually on here! Madness.

A couple of weeks ago I gave you the recipe for an apple protein cake that I whipped up. That is a great low-cal, high-protein healthy snack, but sometimes you just want cake. This is the recipe that my protein cake was based off (I am posting them in reverse order!). I came up with it because my church was having a fundraising bake sale and I wanted something that could be easily sold. This cake slices up into squares perfectly, so I packaged three squares in a treat bag.