May 2012

My sister Katherine's baby shower was last weekend in Calgary, and it was a great time. It was super nice to meet some of her friends, who I have never met being that we live in different cities. I had emailed them back and forth a little bit while organizing the shower, so it was great to put faces to their names. Also, her mother-in-law from Saskatchewan was able to make it out as well, so she had a mother and a mother-in-law, and a sister and a sister-in-law in attendance. Good times :).

When I'm back home, one of my favourite places to go is Sunset House. They are a dive hotel (a hotel known for hosting scuba divers, not an actual dive, lol) and their bar is where I spent many a night in high school playing dominoes and drinking, and their restaurant is known for its amazing Indian food (even though it's not actually an Indian restaurant). Their curries are amazing. Well, on this most recent trip we definitely enjoyed a couple of curries there, and I loved how many vegetarian options they had. My favourite was their tofu curry, which is saying something because, if you know me, I find it hard to like tofu.

I love having a breakfast that feels like a treat. Although I can't handle a lot of sweetness in the mornings, I do like to start off my day with something that feels indulgent yet something that I know is good for me. Usually that comes in the form of whole grains, healthy fats and protein. I am still in love with my banana protein pancakes and vegan pumpkin protein pancakes, which use the same base recipe. So I took that recipe and adjusted it slightly to go even more indulgent...chocolate chip protein pancakes. Ooh yeah.

Yes, technically April is over, but there were some leftover days that weren't covered in last week's photo round-up, so this is the last one for April! I am still undecided about whether or not to do May's challenge. I like to take some time to appreciate that I completed an entire month, never once forgetting a photo! So maybe I'll take a break and go back to it in June.