February 2012

So did you watch the Superbowl? Wikipedia states that the Superbowl is the second biggest day (after US Thanksgiving) for food consumption in the US. So, you know, a food post felt appropriate. It's not as big of a deal here in Canada (though I'm sure hardcore football fans would really hate me saying that!) but I tuned in to catch the halftime performance and a few ads (we don't get all of the awesome ads here either). No party, though, as none of my friends are really into it and I barely watched more than 20 minutes in total. I'm saving up my party time for the Oscars! That's more my style ;).

I'm finally putting my new Nikon D5100 to use. Yay!!! Sorry (ahem)...that aside... This is one of those dishes that is the ultimate comfort food, and yet so good for you that I've been able to have it (many, many times!) on my current cleanse. I love rice pudding, but it has to be made right. I love it the way that I have had it at Indian restaurants, creamy, warm, sweet. You can of course also have it cold, so it's a pretty versatile dessert.

So I finally got around to hitting up a Zumba class, which was a goal of mine towards the end of last year and eventually got bumped to 2012. However, it featured prominently on my inspiration board for this year, so I bit the bullet and signed up for a 6-week Zumba course at my local community centre. I've been three times now and I love it, so I thought I'd write a quick review for all of you newbies who are wondering whether or not to give it a try or not!