February 2012

I heart these cookies! I know that is the lamest pun ever, but it's still true so I thought I'd say it anyway. If you can't decide between your favourite treats this Valentine's Day, why should you? Just go with both! This is actually two entirely separate recipes, that can be made entirely separately, eaten separately etc. For the sake of presentation - and because these two flavours go AMAZINGLY well together - I put one heart inside another for the best value two-for-one you'll see this Valentine's Day! Yup, peanut butter and chocolate heart cookies.

Ooh I love this one! I've made things naturally sweetened, vegan, and all-over healthier before, but this time I've made it gluten free too! Yay! You know how I love to 'make over' Starbucks treats:

Well, this one is my favourite one yet!

**NEW! Download this workout using the link at the end of this post! Gym workouts are just two of the six workouts I do per week at the moment. Each week, I do:

  • two yoga classes (hot, hatha, flow, yin, Pilates - whatever I feel I need on that day)
  • two dance-based classes
  • two gym workouts
This is working out well for me because it's keeping each exercise new and fresh enough that I'm never getting bored.