January 2012

Because I can't have dairy, gluten products or much of anything else on this cleanse, I'm posting a recipe I made just before Christmas that I never got around to posting and that I can now only DREAM of...sigh! This is a three-cheese artichoke lasagna that was creamy, tasty and filling. It is the ideal comfort meal and while I can't think of any way to make a three-cheese lasagna vegan and not sacrifice the taste, I can certainly offer a gluten-free option by simply using rice pasta (which I have done, and it's great!). Also, using lowfat cheese and milk instead of cream really helps to keep the stats looking good. And the cheese helps to provide a huge hit of protein - 28g a slice!

View from my office yesterday morning. Despite the fact that it perhaps is the wrong season, I'm into smoothies right now. Why? Well, maybe because I have to be. My 12-day Wild Rose Detox ended on Tuesday (yay!) so I am now on Day 2 the Thorne MediClear cleanse my naturopath wants me to do. It's a 3-week cleanse, and it involves consuming the Thorne MediClear powder twice a day for 3 weeks (in week 2 you have it three times a day!).

Did that get your attention? :) We all know that spot training - i.e. working out a specific muscular area of the body in order to lose weight in that area - doesn't work. You can't control where your body loses its fat - it comes off as it wants to (there is research showing that the last place we gained weight is the first place it will come off and that's always proven true for me). Some people notice they gain and lose weight in one specific area - like their thighs, or butt. I have always gained weight fairly evenly all over - which as much as that sounds like a good thing, it's not really, because you can't camouflage all over, haha.

This is another of my favourite recipes from Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet - in fact, this is probably my most favourite recipe of all from the book (I previously blogged my adapted version of her amazing cupcakes). It's also one of those dishes that will never look pretty, no matter how you try to photograph it - but as all of us in the food blogosphere know, it's often the things that look the worst that taste the best! This is certainly true for this dish. What's even better is how good this is for you. The spices that are included in this dish are all so beneficial for you and there are so many thrown in, so it they make for a wonderful flavour.